Monday, 20 June 2016

Please Don't Touch The Old Timer!

An old castle, a horde of visitors and this old timer.

Yesterday was one of those days where I did feel as if this sign was for me. Jostling through the crowds I wouldn't have minded a please don't touch this old timer. The inaugural garden fete or rather party to join the recent royal celebrations in the perhaps soon to be non-European country was a huge success. Might be distant family in any case.

A two day affair within the garden and grounds of the delightful Kohfidisch Castle was attended by so many visitors that even though I grumbled while having to queue for 30 minutes to get a bite to eat ( yes, seriously and after 15 minutes one gets a bit stubborn and doesn't want to give up one's place ) I was pleased that our neck of the woods is so popular.

The lawns in front of the castle were little oases of garden exhibits, furniture makers and several wine stands. Elegant with proper glasses and none of the plastic variety. The various prices had a royal seal to them, as even the Bobster quickly put down a rose plant when he saw the 50 Euro price tag dangling from it.

Meandering about this beacon of history was interesting, thought provoking and simply marvelous. The castle still needs to be restored in many places but somehow this more than anything else could, conveyed an authentic royal touch. Authenticity and class amid a world that has a collective crazy obsession to always have everything ship shape, perfect and enviable.

Eventually we saw an old timer parked as an exhibit with the required cordoning off around it. Appropriately it was an English MG and in a royal shade of red too. In this modern age of let's reproduce any and everything, I wasn't too sure if this highly polished chariot was freshly made or reconditioned...definitely a car to keep in the garage only to be driven around with nary a rain cloud in sight.

A perfect garden feature...
A small view of the Kofidisch Castle...
This might have been the old stables or garages.