Sunday, 12 June 2016

The New Stars Of Wine.

Wine made in Burgenland is inspiring a lot of palates and worthy of paying homage to.

Just as most life changing events, this one was also by pure chance. Flicking through the channels on a Saturday afternoon, trying extremely hard to skip over the soccer mania before the Bobster noticed it, I happened across a documentary on wine. Not just any wine, but wine made mainly in Burgenland by the new guard of vintners.

Surrounded by the beautiful area of Rust in northern Burgenland close to the Neusiedler See, are a handful of avant-garde winemakers, who herald the various flavours of the grapes into vintages that go against the prevailing trend and style of wine, but which has woken up many a faded palate to the sheer joy of tasting one of Burgenland's finest.

These Vintners are the new rock stars of wine with their own lot of fans. Granted, a slightly more middle aged group, but fans nonetheless who instead of throwing underwear on stage might just throw away their names after a bottle too many....

Interestingly, most of these grape whisperers ( don't forget that most of the attractiveness of wine is created before it gets put into barrels ) do a lot of the work by hand and would rather make grape juice if the grapes are not to their expectations.

Ironically, in our modern world where everything has to be quick, complicated and mass produced, those few geniuses who buck the trend and forget about haste and appeasing the masses, are idolized by wine enthusiasts all over the world.

Poetry in a bottle comes with a rather hefty price tag but you know what, nectar like that needs to be appreciated rather than being spritzed into normality and so-so ness. Please don't let anyone break a wine's spirit by mangling it into a spritzer!

As I mentioned in the beginning, watching this program was life changing. Even though we know we live in paradise, it was a welcome hint to see the outer edges of our paradise also being divinely beautiful...

Burgenland rocks...