Sunday, 5 June 2016

Not Every Cup's The Same Size.

A foolproof recipe for homemade mayonnaise, isn't so.

Uncanny how the Bobster and I think alike a lot of times, with one of the exceptions being the choice of music while driving and often we agree to disagree and turn off the radio in protest. Marriage tends to make us revert to childhood tactics. Scoff all you want, but I bet you've done that too!

Yesterday proved to be another one of those perfect summer days, hot and sunny with a hint of a storm gathering strength and a grey tinge in the background. Lunchtime had us converge on the kitchen and as I mentioned that I'd be making a sandwich with ham, he said:

" That's perfect, because I am making a cup of mayonnaise. "

Lately, the two of us are rather too fond of mayonnaise ( yikes, even the bought one ) and I blame my sister-in-law for it, as she got both of us hooked on it. Goodness, she even put it on the breakfast egg and being polite we tried it...hook, line & sinker!

Both of us tend to loiter in the mustard and mayo aisle at the shop and only with the greatest display of willpower do we go home without it. When we did give in to temptation eh, once, we were horrified how a tube of mayo could be used up in a couple of days!

Bob's cousin had posted this foolproof recipe for homemade mayonnaise and this is the one he made yesterday for our sandwiches. We didn't have one of the ingredients so we swapped lemon for apple cider vinegar.

Bob, following the recipe put in a cup of oil and a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar too. Experience has taught me to keep quiet if I think it might be too much, or too little. He put everything into a glass jar and got out the soup mixing stick. I even think that I heard him count to twenty, but couldn't be sure over the noise of the blender.

" This stupid recipe doesn't work. They say it takes only 20 seconds to thicken and look, it's still runny. "
He carried on for another few minutes, but it stayed the consistency of salad dressing. It tasted great though, but when I glanced at the used cup, I noticed that it was a biggish sort of cup and with the best of intentions, one egg yolk wasn't enough for its depth.

A cup isn't the same as a cup. Why can't they be more specific in recipes and either use metrics or distinctly state: A doll's cup, a normal sized cup or a big tea mug. Well, it's the thought that counts....