Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Our Cat Has Magpie Tendencies.

Ordered chaos this morning...

To be honest, this morning was a noisily ordered chaos with items having been mislaid. A little string to hold up Bob's glasses had gone missing. I only found out about it because the Bobster mumbled ( yet extremely audible ) that I'd hidden it from him and if not me, than perhaps little Mausi. ( It turned out that it had dropped on the floor and neither of us were the culprits! )

The string had been permanently attached to his glasses but he had to loosen it in order to don a motorbike helmet. Yes, a new chariot is joining our household. A little second hand moped, a moped that I can only dream of using someday as it seems welded to Bob's behind for the foreseeable future.

Goodness, men and anything on two wheels is another story. Grown men can suddenly turn into excited little boys salivating at the prospect of zooting about the neighbourhood on a moped. Throw in a friend or two giving the thumbs up whilst Bob drove passed and you get an inkling of why I might never get to do my own zooting about.

On the off chance that I might gap it whilst he isn't looking, he tried a different track :

" Look, where would you stash your hair? You surely can't leave it hanging out at the bottom of your helmet? "

Anyway, we've noticed that little items, items of a bite size, have been mysteriously transported from one room to another only to have found a resting place in a small basket on the window sill in our back room. The preferred hangout of Mausi. Ah, yes, our clever little cat is magpie-ing her way through our home and with a gleeful exuberance to boot.

She never misses a trick either and knows where the interesting bits for her eclectic magpie collection are kept. What a privilege that this beautiful little cat has chosen us to look after her...she can magpie as much as she wants.