Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Another Glimpse Of Eisenberg.

Amazing how little it takes to be happy.

These pretty as a picture pink roses holding court over one of the local holiday cottages, simple drew me to them. Even with the slightly overcast sky behind it, they are regal yet friendly enough to tolerate being stared at with a glass of wine at hand.
On the outer fence of this cottage are these bright and rather effervescent pearls of beauty.
The three roses of Eisenberg guarding the entrance of a wine cellar with elegance and the occasional sting.
Truthfully, this is in a Deutsch Schützen garden, yet those recycled wine barrels are awesome and useful. Nary a snail will attempt to climb into this herb oasis...hopefully.
What would nature be without the happy buzzing of our bees? Luckily we still have some and these two are lining up for a sweet landing.
Last but certainly not least, the raison d'etre of our village, our area and Burgenland as a whole: the grapes that launched many a delectable bottle of vino.