Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Return To Mending, Making & Baking And Of Course A Run On Italian Cappuccino Machines.

A new chapter begins.

Right or wrong, the event of Brexit has come and gone whilst leaving in its wake a trail of uncertainty accompanied by the unmistakable whiff of fear.

Just like a captain will batten down the hatches at the approaching storm, many Britons will batten down their expenses. Suddenly, a new car isn't necessary, the old couch is really more than comfortable and who needs a tv the size of a wall anyway...

Not knowing whether you'll have your job next month or next year, changes one's perspective. Going out for a meal, cappuccino or a pint at your local are the first loose hatches to be tightened. Not nice for those businesses but when the chips are down everyone will look after him or herself.

Holidays will be a lilo in the back garden ( which I personally would prefer to the stresses of travelling ) or a trip to Brighton beach and not only to save money, but to avoid the hassle of applying for visas to holiday destinations. Rather fitting, because I remember how South Africans ( former colony of the British Empire ) had to jump through hoops to get a two week holiday visa to Britain. Gosh, they had to show bank statements, deeds of their house and a letter of employment coupled with a few hundred pounds...ouch!

Hobbies will make a comeback. Knitting, reading, mending socks (!), baking and having dinner parties at home instead of going out for expensive dinners. Suddenly the art of socializing off line will be learnt or rediscovered. The joy of spending time in your home knowing that there's no reason to go out. The joy of being satisfied with reading a book on your comfortable old couch, and the simplicity and affordability of homemade meals will surprise many.

Families will grow together in real life instead of apart in the myriad corridors of life online and actually enjoy time spent with together.

As for the cappuccino machines, it is hard to switch to instant after having a Starbucks experience and I predict that these fancy coffee machines will be a hit for the next few years.
But not the capsule machines, as those are just horrifically bad for our environment and horribly expensive to boot. Yes, those capsules work out to about Euro 60 a kilo...and that is just a not in the budget.