Sunday, 26 June 2016

Profiting From The Arms Industry Does Have Unexpected Consequences.

Year after year, weapons get made.

We've all been on a diet either for imagined or real reasons and we can all agree that dieting can't be adhered to if your kitchen is stocked with everything but the healthy vitals.

Take all these terrible Middle Eastern wars being fought at the moment. The wars that have caused a refugee crisis so vast, that the world is overwhelmed at finding a solution. But, why not take away the temptation to fight? Yes, why not stop the manufacturing of arms?

As we all know, on Friday last week the world changed. Brexit has made many questions the reality of a future and what sort it might be. Markets are in turmoil and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. At the heart of the British wish to divorce from the EU, is the fear of refugees and I am sure they aren't alone.

The fear of having to share. The fear of having to be afraid. The fear of there not being enough for all.

Yet, Europe ( and the United Kingdom too ) are prolific producers of arms.

Making products that are clearly designed to harm and even kill others, shouldn't be allowed in the 21st Century even if the manufacturing of them creates jobs.

Arms are made all over the world but unfortunately Europe through its geographical location is paying a hefty price for it. Until politicians get their hands stuck in the dismantling of arms industries and unwind the web spun by their lobbyists, these companies are here to stay and get more powerful through ongoing armed conflicts.

The refugee crisis is beyond the pale and just imagine it were you, who had to leave everything behind and just escape with the clothes on your back? Until a permanent solution is found, wouldn't it be fitting if all arms manufacturers had to give part of their profits to help feed, house and clothe the refugees?

Oh, I know, you don't have to tell me that this is an Utopian dream...