Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Beautiful Sunrise Welcomed Today.

A great mindset.

Within minutes the sky had morphed into this all encompassing aura of happiness and elation. A background perfect for a great day.
Literally within moments the hue of a perfect sunrise slowly slipped away to make room for a blue sky. If only for an hours or so...
On the other side of Eisenberg the blues had lost to the grays yet, still as pretty as a picture.
The measure of winter seems to be the liquidity of water...a ditch close to the Chapel has become a quantum of the elements. Only last week it was iced over.
Just a sign but it caught my attention. The way they've positioned it there entails a touch of artistic flair.
A squirrel posed for me the other day and I couldn't leave it out. The two of us played hide and seek around the tree trunk. It struck the pose just long enough for me to click the button. Gosh, it was so quick that most photos of it were even more blurry. What a delightful character indeed.