Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Gentle Start To Sunday.

Third advent already.

A sunrise well worth seeing and getting up for.
Changing direction or rather turning the corner changes the play of light. Same bunch of trees but seen a few hundred meters further on.
The tiny round chapel of yore was amazingly placed in the perfect spot. Seen from any side it shines a beacon of peace and contentment.
Our own little house on the prairie...a hut along the shores of a local pond.
As I walked past this tree the sun's rays illuminated those dried leaves to perfection.
My posse of pals were waiting at the same spot as last Sunday. Today I could inch a bit closer before they decided to gracefully scatter out of reach. How cute are those pairs of ears sticking up and taking note of every one of my footfalls?
It was a sheer joy to go for a walk this morning despite some patches of iciness on the roads...