Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Walking On Thin Ice.

The deceptive beauty of a sparkling road.

Today being Wednesday it was a nice start to the day with my walking group. I am rather proud of them as in the almost two years of walking with me they've changed from sugary to tough. A mere spot of rain means nothing to them apart from bringing a raincoat. Never used to be...a drop of rain down yonder had me walk alone.

Funny how one acclimatizes with ease. A casual glance out the front window is as good as the weather report. Today I realized the moment I saw a road covered in sparkling diamonds that caution could not be thrown to the wind. Icy, slippery as hell ( surely it should be warm down under? ) and not for the faint of heart.

When no one texted me to cancel, I set off five minutes early due to a slower gait. God's truth, if I hadn't walked with one foot on the grass I could easily have been six foot under! It was yukki indeed but to my surprise my walkers were already waiting and eager to glide off.

Despite or rather because of the clear blue sky pitted with sunshine, the icy pitfalls accompanied us all over the village. The air was crisp, at times biting but so refreshing after being cooped up inside a warm house. It sounds so silly but after awhile the warmth radiating from the radiators becomes rather cloying and restrictive. Yet, none of us dare open the window for more then the required five minutes in case the warmth escapes. Dilly indeed.

As much as we tend to grumble at having eat, sleep and live in layers of clothing, the reward of feeling the crisp wintry breeze caressing our faces makes more than up for it. Nothing nicer than to come back home after a brisk walk and feel the skin tingling back to life while sipping a nice cup of tea.