Thursday, 28 December 2017

Time In Limbo.

That fantastic in between week...

You know, even now as I sit here writing this, I have to remind myself of the date, never mind the day. With all those recent holidays or one could even call them a week of Sundays, it has become near impossible to remember what day it is. Somehow every day this week had a feel of Monday to it.

Most of us rush about on daily life and all its tribulations without ever taking a much deserved
" time out " and this week between Christmas and New Year seems perfect to put one's feet up.

Thankfully we don't have to travel anywhere during this week and personally, I think that makes all the difference. Often the stress of getting everything organized for a trip makes any trip too short. Staying at home is one of life's pleasures. No fuss, no stress and your own bed.

A row of days where all that is of importance is what to eat, read or watch. A row of days to either sleep late, or not. A row of days to lounge in leisure pants ( often they are the only ones still fitting after the fabulous never ending feast had ), blanket and cat not far off. Marvelous.

Bob and I have been delving into the Yorkshire dales through the wonderful lens of Downton Abbey. Finally we've watched the fourth season and it's once or twice crossed my mind how divine the Bobster would look with tails, sitting across from me during dinner. Both of us have forgotten how absolutely lovely this series is. A blast from the past, a much deserved rest from the less than genteel language, sentiment and manners circulating in politics...