Monday, 11 December 2017

Taking The Gap.

...the smaller the better.

There is an art form to squeezing into and onto the smallest spots that only our cat can do. Sitting watching television tucked nicely into a cozy blanket somehow must translate to an open invite for her majesty.

No matter where she might be sleeping, the minute she hears me sit down, she clambers up from slumbering dreams and meanders over to the couch stretching the pins and needles out of her limbs along the way. My right knee vaguely resembles a well used needle cushion with many red claw imprints. Contraire to the myth of cats jumping like pumas, ours clings like crazy onto my knee and hauls herself up by the sharp claws of her front paws. Ouch. Often her dismount leaves me with similar claw indents.

When we are in deep slumber she will gallop through to the bedroom, screech to a halt ( claws hitting wooden floor ) and then utter a swell mellow miaouw, stand on her hind paws while her front paws are on the edge of the bed in order for her to check if we are awake with her cute face peeping over the side. Well, if not then, then definitely after she jumps up next to either Bob's or my head. Aah, the joys of having a cat...

When she feels extra clingy she will try and squeeze beneath my blanket and keep digging at it until I give in and let her underneath it. It would be rather nice if she'd take a liking to my hip but no, she twists and turns only to emerge a minute later. Very annoying at times although I have yet to deny her any wish. Bad parenting indeed.

I do have to praise her though; in the evenings when we sit and watch television, Bob from behind his computer and I from the couch with her majesty snoring away on my lap, she responds instantly to my call of:

" Mausi, please get up. Mummy needs to get a glass of wine. " every time.