Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Ginger & Co.

There's more than coffee and tea.

Somehow I had forgotten how good it tastes. An acquired taste but still, once you've taken a liking, afternoons aren't the same. Coffee in the morning is fine and often essential but thereafter the day has many hours where one feels like having a hot cuppa.

A few slices of fresh ginger, a few slices of real lemon and a spoon of honey in a big mug filled with hot water, is fabulous. Is it that nice due to the knowledge of aiding and abetting a healthy body or an amazing skin tone or both? Regardless, winter makes it easy to have one or two big mugs of it a day. Strike two glasses of water off the to do list for the day!

Ginger also gives a nice edge to fried onions, garlic and chilly for any stir-fry or stew. Honestly, if you chop the ginger as fine as can be even the lesser fan of ginger won't notice...but with my luck, the Bobster has a habit of skewering the one and only piece of coarse ginger that had escaped the kitchen knife and instantly accusing me of deliberately planting ginger in the meal even though I knew he wasn't fond of it. Ha, I could say the same about his love of shaking the cinnamon shaker a few times too many over the banana bread mixture. Ah, marriage and all its cute quirks.

My delicate ( and at times deliberate ) use of ginger in meals is vetoed in no uncertain terms yet should Bob espy a packet of candied ginger ( an English habit for sure ) he would eat the whole packet in one sitting and he could because strangely enough, I hate candied ginger or candied fruit of any kind. Whenever we get given a traditional Christmas cake or Stollen, Bob's the real winner...