Sunday, 3 December 2017

Shopping With My Own 007.

Serendipity or what?

Normally we wouldn't be caught dead at a shopping center on a Saturday in December. Bob needed a new phone as his old one had given up its ghost. Our phone connector happens to have a shop in said center and at least we were there early, just after nine with all the other early shoppers.

The mood was two fold among our brethren as the ' It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ' mood was held in check with again seasonal irritation and grumpiness. Mostly from hapless Dads and husbands having to be present while presents were picked.

Our phone shop has gone one up on high tech and has put an automated numbering system at the front. Oh yes, we are keeping up with the crowds of Vienna indeed. Bob pressed the button and his numbered ticket shot out. He looked at it, started to grin and turned towards me with a ramrod straight back, shoulders high and an assumed secret agent expression...

Oh, I couldn't believe it. My husband had turned into Bob Bond just like that. At my giggling reply he shushed me as the 001-006's turned around and gave him a strange look. One clever lady ( she who'd been labeled 006 ) cottoned on and gave Bob Bond his due and a respectful nod of her head.

Being ready to take a photo at the drop of a hat or draw of a ticket I asked my special agent to pose. He did a ventriloquists impression to not flash about too much.

You know, the two of us were tickled pink and didn't mind having to await the pleasure of the other 00's...and you know how endless a cellphone complaint can be. Hats off to these young guys at A1 for not losing their friendliness and professionalism. Mind you, it was still rather early in the day.

A number to bring a smile to most men.