Saturday, 2 December 2017

December, Stunning In Its Own Way.

It's the season to be jolly.

As I am sitting here with my own hot water bottle purring on my lap and looking out one of our kitchen windows, I am stunned at how quickly a year has gone by. Each Christmas dinner it seems inconceivable that soon we'd be eating at the next one but yet, three weeks and it is time again to open presents and have a family dinner.

Tomorrow is the first advent and the local choir will be singing it in in style. Outside, after sundown and with ample Glühwein doled out while the first of four big electric candles is switched on.

This morning is cold enough to warrant a crystal image on the outside of one of our windows. It might be due to this particular window having been forgotten during my window cleaning spurt...I must say that it looks mighty pretty and has given me ideas and possible free time in the future.

Ironically in the height of summer ( plus 40 degree temperatures ) both Bob and I were yearning for winter, cold days and all it brings. Next year I will tape Bob's wishes because the other day when the first snow of the season graced our village he was heard to mutter:

" Agh, I hate snow. "
but somehow his eyes sparkled at the whole concept of a white Christmas. A white Christmas that couldn't be more opposite to what we've had in South Africa. Christmas lunches held around swimming pools, clad in shorts and t-shirts or merely bikinis and board shorts. Sweating was the order of the day and any chocolates received had to be either put into the fridge or eh, eaten straight away.

Let's see what this December brings in regards to weather. I tend to feel that we will have a mild time but the recent spell of icy mornings might prove me wrong. Happy December.

Pretty as a picture...