Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Blessed With Chocolates.

A chocolate for every occasion!

People have been very kind to me and have made me the recipient of many chocolates. Plain bars, plain Lindt behind bars, Father Christmases and the all loved little pralines.

At the beginning of December a friend gave me an advent calendar, Lindt behind bars, 24 of them which Bob has been taking it upon himself to rescue them from incarceration ahead of schedule. A prison break of sorts. The only time I was privy to the yummy flavour of miniature drops of yumminess was before Bob had espied it. For him there is nothing better and more of a reminder of his happy time in short pants as opening an advent calendar.

Only on Sunday another kind friend dropped a few Ferrero Kisses for me and so far they've been kept hidden in plain sight. A huge box of Lindt Lindor balls have taken up residence on our window sill and who knows how long they keep that address.

Funny how men won't find hidden contraband in plain sight...the best hiding place is at the bottom of the cleaning bucket, between old socks or at the bottom of the laundry hamper.

For some getting chocolates is a cliche but I quite like it. It is the thought that counts and the thought that one is thought of makes all the difference. Chocolates have many uses. Either to sneak one now and again or to re-gift them to someone one thinks about...

...long may they live...