Saturday, 16 December 2017

A Nice Retirement Pad For Our Tiggi.

A well deserved break from foraging about...

As you know our Tiggi ( feral feline friend ) has been residing on the outside sill of our lounge window come rain or shine but in our case, snow and ice too. Bob took action and made a beautiful retirement bed for her.
Today he went about our yard finding odd pieces of wood to create this warmer place for our Tiggi. For some reason she loves to sit there watching all of us yet, the minute we step outside she skiddles off.
Wow, Bob's amazing. He has such a kind heart that he didn't want her to freeze during winter. Last week he bought a soft cushion especially for her...
That looks very much like a feline nod of thanks, or perhaps praise?
Our gals gracing the various window sills.
I think she's extremely happy. Bob's chuffed and I am thankful that she won't have to freeze too much this winter. At times she does go up into our attic which catches a lot of the warmth from heating.