Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Bunch Of Roses In Our Attic.

Timeless beauty.

The yellow roses are enchantingly painted or printed onto our new china. Actually we inherited this lovely dinner service with our house. The attic held many a surprise from a round of baskets to a stunning set of china.
Bob had an inspiration to clean the barn and when I got back from work, these were on the kitchen table alas full of dust and spiderwebs. Our barn is an original still filled with dust and such things...
As I washed and dried each plate, soup terrine or coffee pot it made me rather sentimental and I even considered using these daily. What a complement they would be for any meal.
Not for packet soups! I can imagine Leberknödel floating in a homemade beef soup.
Bob and I have never really got around to selling our attic find and have also never used it. One thing is for sure, if we decide to use our dinner service it will be daily, not only for special occasions...By the way, it is designated as being from: Seltmann Weiden, Bavaria- Theresia