Saturday, 9 December 2017

A Bit More Of Yesterday's Cold.

Just too nice not to share with you.

The trusty and sturdy Haflinger don't mind this kind of weather. They gave me the oddest of looks wondering why on earth I would leave my warm stable.
The brilliance of winter alongside a path. A sparkling contest as I meandered past.
A heard of deer or perhaps the only deer in town kept trying to evade me. They are only about fifty meters from the edge of the main road and that's why I stick to a lower speed whilst driving this bit of it. Once a deer almost ran into us, almost.
A normal barn, an old barn, but to me the most authentic and beautiful reminder of living the rural bliss. Just love it.
Almost a cinema noir... Three trees on a field.
A slice of winter, a slice of peacefulness and a reminder that as long as we've got enough to eat, all is well.