Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Winter Solstice Coming Soon.

It's all about those nights...

Honestly, I am going to miss having it go dark sooner rather than later. There is a certain charm about being at home late afternoon with lights on and the dimness of darkness settling in. Cozy and romantic for some reason.

Those few weeks a year where one can sit and take stock of life, take a breather and for some, get to rediscover the beauty of home. Summer has many dwellers rushing about emulating a social butterfly almost as if they are afraid to miss out on anything...meanwhile, the real heart of life is around the hearth of one's home.

It was close to darkness yesterday when I visited an elderly couple at the correct visiting hour. Half past three. Their lunch done, digested and snoozed off while coffee is already brewing alongside a healthy dose of In aller Freundschaft, the ubiquitous soap glaring and blaring loudly from most television screens when I pop around.

But anyway, I too have my favourite program to watch which at the moment is an abundant bouquet of Mrs Bucket. Thanks to BBC entertainment I can chuckle away.

The correct date of the winter solstice was part of our conversation. A date that heralds the start of longer days and the certainty that winter is half way through. Not everyone is a fan of winter and the ice and chill it has up its sleeve.

For some winter makes life harder, be it the fear of slipping on ice, finding a way to heat the home without having to worry about carting heavy pieces of wood all day long or the long long winter days, cooped up with hardly a visitor...You know, often I forget how lucky I am and how much richness my life has. Abundance comes in many shapes and sizes....