Monday, 4 December 2017

Aloisia's On Our Windowsill.

The mysterious case of yesterday.

Yesterday was a Sunday like any other complete with snoozing on the couch, playing computer games or merely idling away. At five I drove to Deutsch Schützen to listen to the choir heralding the start of advent with some Christmas carols and hopefully that is when it happened.

Early this morning while it was still dark Bob asked me if I could also see a packet outside our window. There is so much reflection that often we see our lounge mirrored in it. On closer inspection I had to agree with Bob. Yes, somebody had left a parcel outside our window. Who, where & most importantly, when?

Bob fetched it inside and it turned out to be a mega sized box of Aloisia's finest Christmas biscuits. Tres nice, tres expensive and tres addictive. We both shouted at the same time:

" Finger weg...Don't open it. "
Bob had watched too many thrillers and thought it might be poisoned and I knew it was poison for Bob. Sugar galore and only a saint could stop after eating just the one. Also I didn't feel like harping all week long.

We both agreed to keep it untouched and re-gift it to someone able to indulge in a kilogram of Aloisia's finest. But another conundrum faced us. Who had left it for us? There was an inscription but not very legible. For over an hour the two of us were going through our combined list of friends and family without getting an eureka moment.

As for when...I hope it wasn't while I was snoozing the afternoon away on the couch because I doubt that I snoozed elegantly enough for a casual window observer. Bob and I have decided that it must have been left while I was at the carol service and he was gaming on his computer. Gosh, he doesn't even answer me when I sit next to him so there is no way he heard a knock on the window.

As to who...phoning people might be awkward in case it hadn't been them and they might take it as a hint.

Regardless, we were both so thrilled to have this mysterious-parcel-adventure and want to say a big Thank you to our secret Santa.