Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bob's second Birthday celebration in Burgenland.

Simple is Special...

As you know, we are starting out in a new beautiful country from scratch, and that does also clip our financial wings for the moment. So, when Bob's Birthday rolled on there was no going out for a candle lit dinner, big party or purchasing of presents. But don't feel sad for us, because this is all part of the adventure of emigrating and starting a new life. Each step up we take is going to be thrilling and exciting !

Bob actually surprised me by saying, " I like this life we have. We don't have to many choices and that makes us enjoy the moment more. " I was stressing a bit about his Birthday, but I should have known what a great guy I married. The whole day I took over his usual chores, but I made sure he knew that it was only for the Birthday...

To have an old-fashioned Birthday, one without all the modern trimmings is a fantastic reminder about what is actually important. All day, Bob was Skyped, phoned, emailed and written to on Facebook ( of course, Facebook is a lifesaver by reminding one of Birthdays ). He was chuffed to bits that so many people thought of him.

A few days before his Birthday, my mum had asked him to pick some of our apples for her. On his special day, my mum brought him a homemade apple cake, an Hungarian paprika sausage and a ' padded ' card. Bob was thrilled with his bounty.
His favourite treat is this sausage from Hungary. My Mum now and again gets one for him when they shop there. The sausage must be made with more fat than meat, I'm sure. It is meant to be sliced thinly and eaten with bread, but my Bob made his own rule... he already starts to eat it in the car, and from the passenger seat, it looks as if he is eating a banana. Yes, Bob takes bites of it and finishes the whole sausage in minutes.

My mum reminds Bob that it must last at least 2 weeks, but she kind of knows that it will be gone sooner.

Bob had a great day and it is nice to just enjoy the day without all the extra pressure. Of course next year, we will have a big party or even go away for a weekend. ( But not to Hungary, as Bob would just be in the butcheries all day long ! )


The cake was half eaten, before I could take this picture ! Of course that meant that the sausage was still intact...