Friday, 17 August 2012

Crowning Glory...

Is it really that important ?

It always amazes me, how concerned men are with the sudden reappearance of their hair scalp. Seemingly mild and docile men get hysterical and paranoid about their disappearing hairline.
Just in my house, Bob gets very stubborn about me publishing any photo where the back of his head is depicted. I think he does not want anyone to spot the little bare circle of scalp on top of his head....which I think is rather cute and sexy !

Yesterday, Bob and his brother Brett where Skyping each other, and at some point the conversation got very interesting !
" Brett, Albert cut my hair yesterday and told me that I would never go bald. He say's I have a Widow's Peak, and that bare bit on the back of my head is just because I sleep on it."
While he was telling Brett this, he bent forward, towards the screen, and showed him his Widow's Peak in intricate detail ( Now I have to be a bit biased and say that Bob is more endowed on top, then Brett ).Ever since I have known them, they have been comparing their hairlines. It must be the thing to do among brothers !? I suppose we girls do compare wrinkles and girth, ad nauseam...

At first Brett thought that Bob was joking, but then I saw them both comparing, with their heads almost touching the screens, the front end of their fringes. As can only happen between brothers, Bob pointed out out with obvious glee ( also a touch of na na na na !! ) that Brett did not have a widow's peak. Brett than changed the subject, seemingly not bothered about the ' hair issue '. But as they were finishing off, I heard Brett ask : " Bob, how do you spell that again ? Widow's what ? "

I for one, don't worry at all if men have hair or not. In some cases they actually look more sexy. But regardless, I am more interested in what is underneath the hair !