Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Everyday-ness of Marriage !

A scenic drive along a Burgenland road, slightly less romantic.

Bob and I are approaching our ninth year together, married for four. You know you are with the right person, when time just races on and you suddenly start counting years together, rather than days or month ! Moving to Burgenland has actually forged an even greater bond between us. Bob is one in a million !

In the beginning, on our first few dates, he used to run and open the car door for me. Gosh, there is nothing as charming as when a beau is chivalrous and cherishes you. I did say in the beginning, didn't I ? At some early stage, this changed to a normality of living together. Now Bob sits in the car, with the engine running and waits for me to open the gate and shut it too ( even in the coldest of winter ).
On the odd occasion he has been know to hoot, should I dilly dally around getting ready. Men don't often understand how much we have to check on, before we can lock the front door: Bathroom tidy, dirty ( Bob's, surely mine are actually in the hamper ?! ) underpants on the floor, stove switched off, windows closed and of course putting the butter back into the fridge, just to mention a few. We don't have children, but I could imagine the added pressure of getting them dressed and ready while Dad is waiting and hooting!

Yesterday we were driving along a scenic, romantic Burgenland road, when I happend to glance at Bob and saw him scratching, what I can only describe as his ' nether regions '. Upon my enquiring, slightly distasteful glance, he said : " You can't imagine how difficult it is to scratch your .... while driving along a curving road. "
" Would it be easier, if the road was straight ? " came my amazed response. Oh my, how far the romance has fallen. In the past, he would now and again hold my hand while driving and sneak adoring glances in my direction. Those were the days, and they are a faint and distant memory. Of course he still cherishes me, but in a different manner.

Just to be fair, there must be several ( lots ) of things that I stopped doing after the initial courtship. I think this is what they call love and not ' honeymoon infatuation ' and in spite of my grumbles, I wouldn't change back.

Does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one ?