Friday, 20 September 2013

A Gap Year Back To Abundant Simplicity.

Let your kids catch a glimpse of a simple, yet abundant lifestyle that they can easily achieve.

Most of us carry this heavy rucksack around with us. It is our own fault, because we fill it with a selection of heavy duty items that make our life one of constant stress & worry.

Here are what I consider rucksack fillers:

  • Buying a house that costs too much. A house that makes our friends and neighbourhood think we have ' arrived ', but also a house where we can't afford to stock the fridge, so to say.
  • Upgrading your car every few years in the mistaken belief that it saves you money on repairs, or that your car is an indication of your self worth! Have you ever wondered why you are still paying off a car even though you are almost retired?
  • Living a lifestyle that you cannot afford if you were to pay for it in cash. Credit card lifestyles can be achieved by everyone, but the true beauty of abundant simplicity is living your life without borrowed dosh.
  • Trying to impress the " Jones's " with just about, clothes, cars, holidays and the list is endless.
  • Having too much stuff. If, right now you were to take a mental trip inside your house and what you have, can you honestly say that you have used & worn it all? Or that you remember everything in it? Oh yes, I have also bought something, only to discover the same thing in the back of a cupboard...

Seeing these things at the start of your adult life, can be daunting and stressful. Don't kids often choose careers for their ability to provide this above and slightly unreal lifestyle, as opposed to a career that makes them happy to get up and go to work each and every day.

Everyone should get a glimpse of a simpler life and experience the concept of " Less is More ". Simplicity is often mistakenly equated with being poor. The true beauty of simplicity means having a life that you are in control of, and not the bank. Abundant Simplicity.

Here is a fabulous website to scour on this subject...Mr Money Mustache.

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