Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Good Teachers Should Be Paid Much More Money!

Who teaches us to get along with others?

When you have two kids fighting in that special way they do ( you know, when the lungs are at top performance or where they use any and all limbs ) it is often easier to give in or just to put them in different rooms or classes. But does that teach them anything?

Can you remember who showed you the way out of a situation where you didn't like someone? Don't we all start already in the sandpit to stamp our little feet and demand everyone to dance to our tune?

But, as is often the case, other's have their own tune to dance along to and quite frankly they are not interested in waltzing with you. Respecting the difference should be the outcome, but more often than not it is a case of " I don't like her / him because they don't do as I say! ".

At what age should we know that just because a person has different looks / beliefs / wealth / humour is not a reason to dislike them. This sounds like a ' no-brainer ', but surprisingly it still happens. One has to just watch the News.

We all learn Maths, Languages, History etc for years on end. But the most important subject of how to get along, despite our differences is taught to us by good ( sadly not all ) teachers.

Teaching is a profession that is underrated. Teachers should be revered and given much more respect and dare I say, Salary. Just take a minute to consider the importance of teachers. They spend a lot of time with our children in their formative years.

Parents often have to work very hard to support their family. When they come home in the evenings, they are busy tending to the household and hopefully recharging their batteries for the next day. Even doing homework with your children takes a lot of effort.

So that is why I think that teachers are so vital to society. They cement the foundation of our future. Remember, a kid is a kid now, but soon they might be our Lawyers / Politicians / Doctors / Police....

Three cheers for teachers.