Saturday, 21 September 2013

The World Over, There Is Always The One...

You know, the One who thinks breaking the rules is amusing.

At long last,on Thursday afternoon, the lane behind our house had its final work done to it. I would have preferred it to stay as it was, because it now looks rather new, odd and shiny. The smell of tar doesn't help its cause either.

For a few weeks, we have all been shaken up. Literally. Those steam rollers flattening the under layer of stones seemed like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. They look ginormous and cause the earth around it to shake like mad. Bone chilling and stomach curdling.

The cacophony of street makers congregated outside our house on Thursday in a grand finale. Surely they must have been relieved this job was over. The lane is rather tricky to access and I admit that I was floored, awed and speechless in admiration when I saw these mega trucks ( fully loaded ) reverse up the lane, with just a casual glance in the rear view mirror. Gosh, luckily only Bob is witness to my ( 5 ) attempts to reverse out of our driveway..

When we came home it was impossible to get into our driveway. There must have been street-making-hardware to the tune of millions parked right there. If only we knew how to drive these buggers! Somehow I doubt that I would even know how to drive them ' forward ' never mind in reverse!

The chief street maker or engineer, when I asked him if the torture was over, told me " Yes, but it shouldn't be driven on for a few days. " Fair enough, but he obviously didn't understand Local Curiosity. Yet they put a rope around it that sharply reminded me of a C.S.I. crime scene episode.

Don't ask me why, but both Bob and I woke up at 4am on Friday. As Bob was visiting his pit-stop, he heard a car careering up the supposedly off-limits newly tarred lane. Idiots. Whoever it was, was really gunning it, because I heard the car as well. When we had a look outside a bit later, we saw the imprint of a set of tyres and also that the ropes had been broken and were on the floor.

As I said, there is always the One, who thinks he is special / funny / or clever. Of course to the rest of us, he will always be the idiot...


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The rope has seen better days...
Our back-loo window. Can you see how close we are to the lane?