Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Change Your Perspective & Love Your Life!

Step back and have a look.

Have you also experienced a difference in temperature, even though the temperature is the same? Eight degrees in South Africa somehow felt a whole lot colder than eight degrees in Austria...

One might think that eight = eight, but it doesn't feel the same. Whereas here we might throw on a jacket when it is eight degrees outside, in South-Africa we would be huddled in several layers of jackets, scarves and gloves. When it got that cold, I somehow always wanted to find a reason to stay at home under the blankets.

So what makes this distinction? Oh yes, in Europe, everyone is geared for the cold and houses are more insulated and heated. Yet, outside is outside and really, what has changed? When you have endured and survived a winter of -20 degrees Celsius, your " barometer " seems to get reset.

Why shouldn't we do that for the other part of our life. Yes, if you look at your circumstances from the one perspective, there might be a whole lot that you imagine you are missing out on. But, if you step back and change your viewpoint, suddenly what looked like not enough from over more than enough over here!

Gratitude for what we have already is important for our happiness, yet that is an emotion that most of us tend to overlook. When you think about it, bigger is not always better!

Let's all step back and look again at our's rather a nice one, isn't it?


No words necessary!