Friday, 27 September 2013

An Old-Fashioned Wine Press, Great Grapes & A Good Vigneron Make Stunning Wines. ( Part 1)

Wine comes from grapes and unbelievably, Milk comes from cows...

Nowadays, we all just go to the shops and buy whatever we fancy. There are whispers about, that some of the youth from today, imagine that milk gets made in the supermarket. In fact, some would argue against milk coming from a cow!

Well, the worlds favourite tipple comes from a grape and not only from the liquor store...

Being able to live at the source of wine and its production has opened our eyes to the effort involved and the love the vintners ( or vignerons ) have in creating their wine. Passion, hard work and zest for life make a pretty great wine.

Bob and I have been lucky to take part in all areas of wine-making, and I just thought you might enjoy seeing some parts of it.

The first step is always having clean equipment. Everything gets hosed down with a high pressure hose. These crates are used to transport the harvested grapes from the vineyard to the cellar.
This machine - the Rebler - or grape " de-stemmer ", saves a lot of time.
The red crates are filled with freshly picked bunches of grapes, get tossed into the Rebler and it de-stems the bunches and also crushes the grapes to extract the juice.
Stems on the right, grapes on the left!
These grapes will be put into the wine press so that all the juice can get extracted.
The press in action. Inside are the grapes and as you can see, there are wooden blocks on top of the grape mass, which get pressed down when the handle gets turned.

Come back tomorrow, for Part 2 and also to to find out the name of this powerful wine-presser!

Biggi Winemaking Equipment Kit w/ Better Bottle & Double Lever Corke / Obstpresse 40L