Sunday, 29 September 2013

Put 1 Less Item On Trash Island(s) Today.

It is easier not to think about it, isn't it?

Deep down we all know that our habits have contributed to these islands. It is easy enough to blame the manufacturers, but we give them a big sign of approval, when we buy their wrapping.

As you start to ponder this epidemic of plastic, you realize that only a very committed person can do without using plastics. For example, go shopping at your supermarket and you'll soon notice that the produce does not lack for wrapping. In fact, some items are jolly difficult to unwrap!

Murphy's Law, the one time that plastics should be used, they sometimes are not. Such as when the staff in the fresh food departments handle your food. ( Often they wear the plastic gloves, yet use the same gloved hand to accept your money...)

There are a few small changes you could ( and maybe already do ) implement each day:

  • Support your local butcher and baker. They don't need to transport the produce wrapped in lots of plastic clothing. Buy Local
  • If you can, choose the item with the least wrapping.
  • Unless you bring bags for your groceries, just put the loose items into your car. It works just as well as having plastic bags, that you toss away once you get home. Bob and I use our laundry basket to carry the groceries from the car to the kitchen.
  • Even if your town does not support the recycling of rubbish/ trash, do your own recycling. Separate the plastics and drive them to the nearest recycling center. You will be surprised at how much plastic you use on a daily basis.

We all moan about the change in our climate on all levels. Yet, how many of us are being pro-active and live our lives in a better way? If all of us just do 1 thing day, it would make a huge dent in this awful problem. At least I think so...


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