Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gold Can Be Found In The Strangest Of Places.

Life is an adventure and offers you nuggets of gold(en) wisdom daily.

Yesterday's blog was almost like a script written for the play for that day! Yes, life is fantastic. Bob and I were sitting at a car dealership awaiting our car to have the T.L.C. that it had been craving.

We were in for a long wait, at least 5 hours ( the clutch had problems ) and had equipped ourselves with books and sandwiches. Industrious, aren't we! ( Bob and I thought of it as more of an adventure ). About an hour into our wait, an elderly couple sat down next to us, to wait for their car.

It didn't take long, and we started to chat and that is what makes life so exciting and wonderful. This fabulous man, who I thought was in his 70's, turned out to be slightly older...88! That floored me, because he had great form and a twinkle in both eyes. Being friendly and humourous seemed part of his DNA.

I love to hear about other people's lives and tend to ask slightly leading questions. Most people, I find, are just so fascinating to learn about. ( If you look hard enough, everyone has a treasure buried inside ).

Well, this lovely gentleman gave me pure gold. This is a man who in his very youth had spent two years as a prisoner of war in Russia. One can only imagine what he must have gone through on a daily basis. Yet, this man was just a joy to sit next to.

We talked about this that and everything. Without any fanfare, he dropped his golden nugget of wisdom for me. He told me that those two years were only ' do-able ' because he had good friends with him and humour. In fact, he said: " if it wasn't for my humour, I don't think that I would have survived that time. "

The world seems too serious at times, and I have decided to use and acquire more humour to deal with it. Will you join me?