Monday, 30 September 2013

Will Your Ideal Day Change When You Strike It Rich?

A month or year in from winning the Lotto, how would this day look?

Oh, those daydreams we've all had. You know, where we have imagined how our lives would drastically change once our gravy train rolls in. But I think that would just be in the first few weeks and once the dust settles on the new lifestyle, maybe our priorities would too.

Yes, you would drive a fancy car, maybe live somewhere more upmarket and go on safari whenever the urge takes you. But the feeling of contentment in our life comes from other sources:

  • Savouring that first sip of freshly brewed coffee when you wake up.
  • Reading a great novel.
  • Spending the day with your loved ones.
  • Visiting friends and family.
  • Planting flowers or vegetables in your garden and seeing them grow.
  • Baking a cake or bread and having it turn out scrumptious.
  • Watching a good movie.
  • Spending the day on your couch reading a book you can't put down.
  • Spending a Sunday on your couch and watching a box-set of your favourite T.V. series. You know, from the first one to the last episode...
  • Knitting a jersey.

Even writing this, I can see that most of us already are rich beyond our wildest dreams. Maybe not yet in the material sense, but how many of us live our perfect & ideal life, without even realizing it...