Thursday, 19 September 2013

Married Couples Make The Perfect Comic Duo.

Of course only the seasoned ones, not those fresh off the honeymoon trails!

Once a couple has passed the let's say, 5 year mark, they should get an automatic entry ticket for the comedy circuit as a supporting act. Add a few years to the mix and they should make the main act!

There is such perfect symmetry used by most couples. Even when they are having a mini tiff, the choreography is perfect not to mention the timing. As an audience it is fascinating and dare I say funny to watch, because you instantly recognize yourself in one of the roles.

When you look under the hood, so to speak, you find out that each spouse uses their cues correctly. The starting sequence of irritating each other, gets played with finesse and an acute sense of knowing where the side of humour and anger lies...perfect timing.

Be honest, you also know most of your spouses ' buttons '...the ones that set them off on either a tangent or an instant ' Vesuvial ' eruption. And here is the important bit: you at times use it with glee, stealth and precision!

It can only be the " angelic " lot out there, who don't push those tiny buttons when the other irritates you a tad bit, or when you just want to have a bit of fun.

It can be a small thing such as:

  • Hiding a dirty plate from your spouse, when he does the dishes. Why does this qualify? Well, Bob has to have all his dirty dishes lined up at the sink before he starts and he knows each and everyone. No, not by name...I hope!
    With military precision he knows when one has gone missing!
  • Making your spouse aware when a car is at least 500 meters away / indicator is needed / a robot might turn red or when to slow down!
  • Using a metal cup and scraping the last bit out with noisy abandon, while the other is trying to watch TV.
  • Taking an extra minute or ten, when the other is already sitting in the car waiting to go. Each honk of the hooter adds an extra minute of dawdling...

Just in case you might think that I don't appreciate marriage ( I love it by the way ), let me say that the good matches have what it takes to be comedic. So, if you make each other laugh or dare I say someone else, count your blessings, as you have a good marriage...