Monday, 16 September 2013

Wow, My 500th Blog Piece. Dear Readers, Thanks A Million!

Photos do more justice to our stunning part of Burgenland, than words can.

The photos weren't planned, but when Bob and I took a different walking route yesterday, I couldn't help but record our impressions with a few clicks.

You know, Hungary is only about a kilometer away from us and it is rather thrilling to walk near the old border. Bob ( without whom I couldn't imagine living here ) is striding ahead but managed a quick pose. To his right, at the treeline, Hungary starts.
When you see these divine and romantic country lanes, you can't help but walk, run or cycle. Even in late summer it is soothing, calming and lets your imagination run wild. What these lanes have witnessed through the centuries...
Wherever you walk, there is a bench to enjoy the spectacular scenery. When you come to visit, picture yourself with a glass of wine in your hand while watching a sunset ( or a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise ).
Goodness, I married a strong man!
This view reminded me of the movie " Sissi " and I sometimes wonder whether they shot the movie in this part of Burgenland / Hungary? A horse wouldn't be amiss in this setting, and ...
...would you believe it, we saw a white horse & rider up ahead. Trying to get a good shot, I almost speed walked. We were fortunate, in that they were just ambling along and we could get a few good shots. Isn't this a great combination?
Close to our house, there is a romantic old property for sale. Each and every time I drive or walk past it, I can imagine how fabulously this summer cottage would look when it is done up.
Doesn't this just scream: " Grand Designs " ...followed by " Buy Me " .

Dear readers, I just want to thank you so much for always taking the time to read my missives. Even I know, that like anything else in life, they are at times good, bad or average. Of course, Bob has been with me from day one, reading and correcting as he sees fit, each and every blog piece before I press publish. Thank you Schatzi!