Monday, 23 September 2013

The " 3-D " Affect On An Ordinary Burgenland Nature Walk.

A camera is always part of the gear...

Sundays seem to be gentle for the animals as well. The leisurely pace must have permeated the air as Bob and I saw the most amazing trio on our walk. The 3-D's or rather: Mother Deer, Baby Deer #1 and Baby Deer #2.

Bob spotted them first and alerted me to take a picture. This bit was on a slope and naturally Bob was way ahead of me. Somehow I wondered whether they would pose and keep on posing for me, when they heard the camera click. Yet, they posed like the superstars of nature that they are. If I had had my glasses on, I would have seen that they didn't even blink an eye. In fact, they all turned their sweet heads in my direction.

This one must be the nosy parker! It took me a few minutes to take some shots and yet they stayed. At one time, Bob told me to hurry up, as he had heard the baying of Father Deer on the other side of the road....He didn't need to tell me twice, as somehow I could just about imagine an antlered Buck chasing me. Being a happily married woman, my time of " a young buck " chasing me are over!

The rest of the walk seemed rather tame in comparison, but was beautiful nonetheless. Yesterday was the first day of Autumn and the day behaved accordingly. You know, a crisp chill in the air yet a clear, blue and sunny sky.

Not to be outdone by the animals, this divinely purple-pink flower just asked to be photographed. By the way, there are hundreds of them in most of the meadows. Nature: Simple, Beautiful & Soul-Refreshing.