Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Who Remembers Their Fabulous Childhood Birthday Parties?

Or the one's you were invited to!

Having English conversation classes with the younger kids, I am now privy to all those Birthday Party Happenings. How interesting to hear the different styles, likes and tastes. Oh and who gets invited and....who not!

Parents do face huge pressure. This is a tough crowd and there might be some ribbing going on among the guests, as to who had a better and more enjoyable party.

Gosh, I remember the lovely cakes my Mum made and I also remember the great little bags of gifts we all got as we attended a friends Birthday bash. A bag of sweets and those presents they put into the bubble gum machines. Hey, at that age we loved them.

Of course, the bar is being set a bit higher in today's age ( personally, I would make a pact with all the mums on day one of kindergarten, as to how fancy a Birthday bash is allowed to be. )

  • A day out at the local swimming baths. Dare I say, all expenses paid!!!
  • An invite to a Happy Meal Party at the local McDonald's.
  • A party with a gift bag for the guests, that could ruin your household budget.
  • Amazingly well thought of cakes, such as a Bubble Gum & Chocolate cake. Yes, I was told by a guest, that it contained actual round & colourful bubble gum!

What was your best childhood memory of a Birthday party you had or attended, and more importantly, do you still have amazing Birthday parties ?


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