Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Picture Perfect Start To This Saturday.

Some more Autumn inspired pictures from Burgenland.

As Autumn is drawing to a close, each day is trumping the next. It feels as if the days want to make a lasting impression and at the same time outshine each other. Here is a secret for only takes one day of Autumn beauty to be hooked!

A finale to rival a stage production. This is on top of the Deutsch-Schützer wine berg.
Next week or so, the leaves will have dropped and bared their tree trunks.
A fairly typical Burgenland " Weinberg " in Autumn. Typical yet breathtaking all the same. No wonder that artists and writers are drawn to wine growing areas.
Not only the wines have a perfect colour of red.
I wonder if it is as warm a blanket as it looks?
Vines, mist and blue skies are a perfect combination.
A thin veil of mystique is in the air. Yet if you look closer, you can see the rays of sunshine surrounding it.
Can you see the almost rainbow like beam? It could be a blessing of this area, from the Man upstairs...
What an inspiring sunset. Yesterday evening, I walked home and couldn't resist this image.


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