Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Waking Up To Rain And A Change Of Plans.

Love it or hate it, but there is something special about hearing rain fall.

Doesn't it just make you feel nostalgic when you wake up to the sound of rain? Nostalgic to a time where you could have easily stayed snuggled up in bed listening to the crescendo of those raindrops. Maybe only a foray into the kitchen to have made yourself an apt companion for this arduous task: Hot Chocolate and a bowl of Choco Puffs!

But alas....Yet, the rain always changes the unfolding of the day. When you can hear the rain, it definitely is advisable to stop all exercise ( except a dip in a pool of course ) and plonk yourself on the couch with your favourite book for an extra hour. I don't know about you, but for me this always feels like an oasis of comfort and escape.

Another certainty in our household is that Bob and I will argue over who gets to wear our one and only proper raincoat. My Dad left it on his last visit and we are jolly glad of it. Not a drop of moisture gets through and it is rather stylish as well. New Yorkers do have a flair for fashion...

We both have Dry Macs but they are similar to those " guaranteed waterproof " tents that only need a touch of an elbow to dump a whole lot of water on you. Bob at times gleefully uses this as an excuse to not go for a walk / nor chop wood / nor dig up our garden or buy me a bar of chocolate!

Rain will bring with it a touch of mud, extra frizzy hair but thankfully a dewy complexion to handle both. As annoying as it can be at times ( when your shoes do a disappearing act in the mud with your foot still in it ) it also means that nature doesn't go thirsty. In our new reality of global weather, not everyone will be blessed with ample rain. When some are predicting conflicts over the dearth of water, it makes me glad for every drop that comes our way...

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