Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Purr-fect Coffee Shop, How Fabulous!

A cat lover's paradise indeed.

When I saw it on BBC, it was as if the penny had dropped or the clock ticked or the world felt right... Cats are great and give us so much pleasure when they allow us stroke them or dangle a pretend mouse in front of them.

You know, just those games of cat & mouse transform even the crustiest of person into one that is putty in the paws of the cat. Playing with a cat or kitten instantly takes us back to our childhoods.

Of course in our case, we have never physically stroked yet alone touched our feline lodger - yes, the renowned Tigger of Eisenberg. Yet even though, she has a way of making the two of us behave as if we were back in short-pants and pony tails. Simply marvelous the way she has managed to snare our hearts with just a flick of her tail or a look in her eye. To be honest, that look more than likely means: " Get going and feed me already..."

This cafe or coffee shop in London ( the original idea is from Japan ) has umpteen cats that live permanently in the shop. Yes, they eat sleep and play there. When you order a cup of coffee along with a scrumptious mouthwatering scone you could have both of those while hearing the content purring of the permanent staff members. If you are fortunate, they might even do a close figure of eight around your ankle.

What a wonderful idea. Apparently ( interesting article ) cats soak up our stress and leave us feeling relaxed. I simply love that idea but I have to wonder how they will get the patrons to leave on time. Perhaps a time limit per customer?

" Bob, imagine if we opened a Wild-Cat Cafe? "...ours would have that special touch. A cup of coffee and an original cat tattoo. Oh yes, the inevitable scratch on your arm. Now we just need to teach Tigger how to scratch her signature T.


Tigger of Eisenberg!