Monday, 7 October 2013

Rediscovering Our Love Of Stewed Apple!

Oh so yummy...

Both of us are inflicted with the common cold, busy sneezing and talking in funny nasal tones. At least we are doing it together. In a small village, it is difficult not to catch the bug!

Bob and I have gone against the grain and stayed at home. We don't think it is fair to inflict our sneezing and runny noses on anyone else. At least at close quarters.

They say that eating dairy products while you have a cold is not a good thing. At least some people do and we decided to forgo the dairy. No milk in our coffee and definitely no joghurt for pudding. Interesting article in the Huffington Post about what is good for you when you have a cold.

On Saturday evening I was just putting dinner on the stove when I thought about making stewed apples. We had none in the house, but no problem as our backyard is filled with apple and pear trees.

Dressed in my pyjamas and gumboots, I negotiated my way around the orchard. Luckily for me, only Tigger saw me in my far from elegant outfit. Along the way I am sure that I stood on a snake. But that's not a big deal as the only snakes I've seen resemble overgrown rain worms. Nothing could deter me from my mission and I picked a handful of fruit before heading back to the kitchen.

Our fruit is untouched by any chemicals so I didn't peel them. That made the whole cutting up process easy and simple. A few raisins thrown into the pot along with an inch of water, was all that I needed to do.

The aromas wafting through the house were mouthwatering. Stewed apples just have something so special about them. In our case, we devoured a portion each with a nice helping of cream and in Bob's case, cinnamon...