Monday, 21 October 2013

A Slight Drawback To The Season Of Autumn.

Nature extracts its fair share of duty.

As you have been seeing in the past few posts, our Autumn season is just so spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful at times. The kaleidoscope of colour on the leaves is alas only temporary. Oh yes, those leaves have a mind of their own.

For some reason, they like to experience the world from terra firma. It seems that life attached to a tree or vine branch looses its lustre. For a while, they all huddle together around their former home. Who hasn't seen the russet coloured blankets around the various trees?

Admittedly it does look nice for a while. In Pietermaritzburg they had Art in the Park every year
( and still do ) with the exhibition floor always covered in a sea of autumn leaves. Somehow it enhanced the whole atmosphere of Art. Walking on the dry leaves and hearing that crackling sound as you do, is also special.

Nature does have a sense of humour. Just as all the leaves are assembled on the lawns all over the gardens and neighbourhoods, it gives us huge bursts of wind. Wind with enough strength to keep the leaves suspended in mid air for bits of time only to then hurry them along to places all over the streets and other peoples lawns!

You know, in a small village such as ours, it could happen that the neighbours know when your leaves are gracing their driveways. One can almost sense a raised hairy eyebrow now and then. Well, the only solution is to rake, stack and fill...As I mentioned in the header, there is a drawback to Autumn.

These last few days, Bob and I have been picking up the errant leaves. The trees take pity on us, and release their leaves in daily rations. Oh yes, often it feels like you've just done it yesterday and have to do it again today...


Bob in action!