Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Crisp Yet Stunning Autumn Has Arrived In Burgenland.

Summer is a distant yet vibrant memory!

Autumn wanted to be taken more seriously and decided to announce itself with its trusty side-kick out front. Jack Frost created the diversion needed to sever our ties to Summer. Oh yes, all of us have taken notice of Autumn.

In our case we hot-footed it to our barn and proceeded to get our Winter clothes out of hiding. It is amazing how versatile our two suitcases can be...our extended wardrobe.

Having lived in South-Africa for so many years, the need to have separate Winter gear didn't enter my mind until I felt the need for it. Oh yes, when it is bone chillingly cold, you quickly learn and understand the need for Winter gear. Some quarters call them passion killers!

Long Johns and spencers are a must, followed closely by scarves, woolen hats, beanies and gloves. Shoes need to have a gripping sole to circumvent the inevitable ice patch. Winter, when it gets here is magical, interesting, educational, exciting and a bit longer than the one in South Africa.

But for now, Autumn still rules the roost and is giving us a backdrop of colour that is so fabulous to take in. Just walking around nature when the colours are changing from Summer to Autumn can chase away any blues. Isn't it marvelous to be alive...


This photo is not quite on topic, but I took these few images out the bathroom window two days ago. A friend of Tigger's playing a game of cat & mouse!
On the top left you can see the stunning reds and oranges on the leaves.
She clearly heard my gibberish attempt at Cat-talk and gave me that look... " Mind your own business and leave me to mine. "