Sunday, 13 October 2013

Our Village Friday Afternoon's Rush Hour Traffic.

Could almost be called a traffic Nirvana!

It was late on Friday afternoon when I had just finished visiting someone in town. Sorry, tend to call it town even though it only boasts a few hundred villagers. But when you live on the outskirts of anything, it always seems to be " going to town " !

As I turned from the gate to the road, I saw a friend walking her dog. Granted, as I didn't have my glasses perched on my nose I only recognized her by her dog. Or rather hound! Her dog is an Irish Wolfhound and almost as tall as her.

When you first set eyes on him, you tend to plot your escape routes, but I know he is just the sweetest of dogs. Unless of course you are a deer, rabbit, cat, mouse etc because then this little sweetheart thinks he is ferocious and starts wildly chasing the said animal. Quite frankly, should he ever catch one, I doubt he would know what to do with them...

One of the many aspects of living in a small village that I find so precious, is that most people take the time to stop and chat. The eternal haste of big city life is out of the equation. So there the two of us were, shooting the breeze in the middle of a side street, with her hound lying contently on the street but still attached to a leash.

Isn't it amazing how when you do stop and chat with someone, you loose track of time? Well, we covered a lot of bases, and in between, various cars drove past us. Even though we took up one side of the street, nobody hooted or seemed irritated. No, they just drove around us.

One car even stopped to join our conversation. We must have been fun to talk to, because he switched off his engine. Seriously, the three of us and the car were in almost the middle of the street, yet no one made a fuss about having to detour on the side walk.

Those impromptu chats are never about anything monumentally earth shattering. No, most of the time it is just an exchange of trivial stuff, recipes or village news. Yet, it is so much more because that interaction is what makes life so special.


Just a cheerful Sunday Morning picture...