Friday, 25 October 2013

The Handy / Cellphone / Mobile Scandal That Will Make History.

Maybe this might make us do more Face to Face communicating?

At first blush, it seems one of those information tidbits that makes one shrug one's shoulders and mumble: " So what? They should know by now." Surely everyone subconsciously knows that nothing is secret or rather private anymore...

Yet, when you start to think about it, the severity of it clicks into place in a two fold way. First, at such high level of Government - hands off and second, with all their security details and officers they should really know how to protect the cellphone of a leader of Government.

This scandal about Mrs. Merkel's cellphone being allegedly spied on, has rattled everyone. If they could do it to hers, then...! ( Story in Huffington Post )

For all we know, more often than not, she might have organized the household with her husband. Along the lines of: " Don't forget to do the laundry. " or " Let's have a leg of lamb for dinner. " She is a savvy lady and hardly would discuss the personality or merits of leaders she just dealt with over a mere cellphone.

Of course, we are a bit different. Who hasn't left a dinner party and straight away phoned their best friend to discuss the finer details of it and the host:
" Jeez-a-lou, he served dry meat, the wine was dreadful and there wasn't any toilet paper..." or
" You won't believe what she wore. Talk about brazen. Bob could hardly keep his eyes away! " or
" Oh my God, I am in love with him. Do you think I have a chance? "

Imagine, if the host you were talking about, was listening to everything? Not so nice, is it? In our connected & wired world, nothing stays private it seems. Being online requires concentration so as to not say the wrong thing, but it shouldn't be like this.
Our information should stay ours and ours only!