Saturday, 19 October 2013

Suddenly I Felt Part Of A James Bond Movie.

Thrilling to say the least...

On Thursday, when I took all those lovely photo's on my morning walk, I came home with my camera at the ready and stumbled upon Bob pumping a bicycle tyre in the yard. But I shouted my " Hello " in vain, as a helicopter chose this moment to do a fly-by.

' Never mind ' I thought, it will be gone soon. For some reason the noisy rotation of the engine just increased its audibility and made both of us look up. Oh yes, there was a helicopter circling our place.

As it was flying rather low, a whole barrage of movie scenes kept flitting through my mind. There was no smoke or weird engine sound coming from it, which was a relief. Yet, it kept flying lower and covering a circle of about 300 meters a few times. Of course, never one to waste an opportunity, I took snap after snap.

Bob, after pumping his tyre, left to see his client and I couldn't go inside because this was getting a bit of a mystery. Maybe a celebrity or some politician? It was a yellow helicopter from the Austrian Automobile Association, so that ruled out an ambulance one for me. All of a sudden I could see and hear that it was preparing to land very close.

Naturally I had to follow it as it made the field next to the pond its landing spot. As I was trying to see exactly where, a police car came to see where it was. After I pointed the other side of the pond out to him, he did a u-turn and drove there.

With great restraint, I decided to go back home as it was a bit far to walk to it ( the pond is surrounded by trees, it would have meant walking all the way around it ) and I didn't want to appear too much of a quizzy Bee. Surely they had seen me taking umpteen photos of them. After 10 minutes they took off again in any case. Never a dull day here in Burgenland!


Not that far up, is it? You can see the tree branch in the photo.
Very close indeed.
Our roof.