Thursday, 17 October 2013

Isn't It Nice To Be Able To Help Your Parents?

It is nice to be there when someone needs you.

Last weekend my Mum did a rather ungraceful dismount from a ladder, with the result of a very bruised rib. Although not life-threatening, it is extremely and constantly painful. Even with this injury, my Mum hardly sits still!

Anyway, I try and help out wherever I can ( and so does Bob ). Yesterday Mum came to pick me up and after changing driver's seats, we were off on our rounds. When you live in the country, there is always work lined up. Fetching, carrying, digging, hanging, stirring, wiping, cleaning etc.

In fact I have this niggling suspicion that Mum has hauled out her ' Getting the house ready for Christmas ' cleaning list and is making hay while the sun shines....but, what can I do but do it! Clever indeed of my Mum...

When Bob got home from his clients yesterday, I told him how I could thankfully help out Mum but that the list of tasks keeps suspiciously growing. Bob laughed and did the usual " He, he.. " until I reminded him:
" Don't worry, you are coming with tomorrow to do the rounds. "

Well, that lessened his laughter because the one thing he has learnt over the last two years is that my Mum is a perfectionist of note. ( Only to be rivaled by his Dad.)

All jokes aside, I ( & Bob too ) love helping and it seems that I ( we ) will still love it for the next few weeks. It is nice to be there for Mum and that is one of the reasons that this move to Burgenland is so special for me.

Earlier while doing the round of chores a vision of me sitting and reading a book popped invitingly in my mind. Yet, after Mum dropped me off at home, I raked the leaves across the road and made two batches of Jam ( Uhudler & Quince )...Good Lord, my Mum's ways are rubbing off on me!
And what's even more scary...I enjoyed it!