Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick Or Treat Is Here, Stock Up On Sweets.

Another Halloween in Burgenland.

The first year we totally forgot to equip ourselves with the necessary gear, but alas, not one Monster / Witch / Herman Munster / Princess or Rapunzel passed by to ring the bell.

Last year, our second, saw us prepared for a whole onslaught of trick or treaters! Gosh, I vividly remember that while we were in the Supermarket buying up the various bag of sweets, we had slight vocal disagreements over the choice of sweets. Our tastes of sweets tend to differ just as our taste in music ( Frank Sinatra against The Killers - you guess who listens to what ).

But, can you believe it, last year when we were super ready for the tricksters, none came! Look, our house is the last one on a dark corner with the forest not far away, so maybe they were scared. Yet, my money is on the fact, that it was too far to walk to our house...

Bob & I ended up with a big stash of sweets. Of course that was before Bob's discovery of diabetes. Oh yes, we partook of those sweets even though I found new hiding places all the time. Are there any other women out there, who tend to hide sweets from, let's be honest...themselves? Would ' ingenious ' be the right description for this eh, tactic?

Today we are trying our third attempt of Halloween. We might temper our enthusiasm while in the sweet isle though. Ideally I should bake a bunch of health cookies....But, somehow I tend to think that if we hand out health cookies to the children, our fourth Halloween might be very lonely one indeed!

Imagine the village drum beating its message of : " Jeez, don't go to Bob's house. They only give out yukky stuff "