Thursday, 3 October 2013

Being Content Makes The Time Fly By.

Whatever happened to the concept of time?

Look first off, I stopped wearing a watch a couple of years ago. My cousin told me that it interferes with your energy system and being adventurous, I followed her advice. Surprisingly enough, my internal clock works just fine. ( We do have clocks around the house though. )

Comparing my life before we moved to Burgenland is almost like night and day. Thankfully,
the " hectic " part of everyday life has gone. Changing my expectations helped. Opting for a gentler lifestyle and curbing back my wants is what did it for me.

What makes one content? Well, I love doing a load of laundry and hanging it up on the line outside. There is just something so therapeutic about shaking out a t-shirt or towel and pegging it onto the line.Of course, Bob sometimes adds his 5 cents worth, telling me that I'm hanging it wrong and proceeds to rehang it!

Even our cat Tigger loves it when I do laundry. She comes out of her cat-cave ahead of her mealtime and sits there watching me hang the washing. Could she be a " she " doesn't offer to help but just sits and watches me do the work!

Baking bread or a cake must be one of the most soul soothing tasks to do. Not too sure whether it is the loaf coming out perfect, the aroma of baking wafting throughout the house or having a piece that is still steaming and has butter dripping off of it? In our household we fight over the crust and thankfully every loaf has two...!

Look, there are many more facets to my day, but when I do these two specifically, my day just notches up a rung on the content scale. Oh and of course the time just speeds away. Before you know it, it is dinner time.

Once we realize that it is the simpler things that makes us " tick ", everything else falls into place. Do you agree ?


This was taken last year, but the line and everything else is still the same. Bob put our washing line up between the barn and the earth cellar. I love it.
Just to show you the perspective. On the left of the wagon wheel, the washing line starts. Tigger can be seen lounging in the top right.
A close up of the lucky fish. All day lounging in the grass and watching the action...