Wednesday, 9 October 2013

An Autumn Morning Walk Through A Burgenland Vineyard.

Who wouldn't want to walk in this?

There is a pond right across from our home. This is a neighbour's house, seen from a different perspective. As I was taking this photo, I mentally shooed all the birds away. Didn't want to disturb the mirror image!
I find this so fascinating.
Deutsch-Schützen bathed in the mist. Isn't it gorgeous? Sometimes when I walk and see this misty scene it almost looks as if there is an ocean out there.
A local artist has put this up. Can you believe that I took this photo a second after the previous one? I just had to turn around to get these stunning colours.
Vines as far as the eye can see!
Vines in the sun taken a few meters later. Don't you also feel like snacking on a grape or two...
This is one of my favourite views on my morning walk. It looks good in all seasons.
I couldn't resist because I love the colour scheme.
Shadows and sunlight!
This is taken just around the corner from the previous picture. Sunlight makes all the difference, doesn't it? ...Who wouldn't walk in this natural paradise?