Thursday, 10 October 2013

What Is The Magic Key To Unlock A Love Of Reading In Kids?

Love of reading, is there anything better?

If only there was a way to show them on what magic they're missing out on.
If only there was a way to tell them that a lot of books have a way to pull you in, heart and soul.
If only there was a way to tell them about going on adventures through books...

But how do you get them to even open the cover, yet alone touch a book? I do some English homework with the local kids. English needs to be practiced and the odd lesson at school just doesn't cut it. To get a feel of fluency and that innate knowing of how a sentence should flow, one needs to read a lot.

Well, I am an ace in recognizing a certain look...a look that tells me that they don't even read books in German. When I ask that stupid question " Why not? " I get the usual: " I don't need to, because I can just watch a movie. "

Here are some suggestions from me ( a book fanatic ) on possible ways to get the kids to start reading. In a world where we can get inter planetary travel off the ground, surely getting kids to pick up a book and read it, should be possible? So, here they are:

  • All the mega soccer stars ( Messi / Ronaldo / Schweinsteiger...) should have it written into their contract, to enthuse about books they read all the time. A lot of the boys are mad about soccer, idolizing and emulating the various stars.
  • In fact, it should be announced, that major soccer clubs will only sign you up, if you have read lots of books. Stringent testing will be applied!
  • The above points should also apply to Movie stars, Models and Mega Bands.
  • When parents pick up their bundle of joy from the hospital, they should be given a supply of books to start their offspring off on the right road.
  • Each household with ( or without kids ) should observe an internet & device free day per week. No TV, no iPad, no computer and no cellphone. Okay, a kindle is allowed!
  • My editor-in-chief ( eh, Bob ) has just informed me that those points are outlandish and will never happen. But often the ' outside the box ' kind of thoughts tend to take hold.

The beauty of reading is that you only need to read one book that grabs you heart & soul to hook you up for life. The ultimate addiction. Think of the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. These books alone got a whole wave of kids to read...

What do you think should be done to get more kids to love reading?